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the Cytech Comfort System in South Africa



Universal Communications

Comfort can be linked to 3rd party equipment via the Universal Communications Module (UCM) architecture. For Lighting and Electrical control, special UCMs connect to EIB (European Installation Bus or Instabus) and Clipsal C-Bus via the respective Bus wiring, or to Honeywells Smartfit for heating control, or the ClickOn bus products.

Comfort has as standard built-in communication to X10 modules and can control scenes on Lutron Grafik Eye via infrared signals from any output. Watch out for new interfaces to other equipment in the future.

Finger Print

Allows Comfort responses to be triggered upon matching, such as arming/disarming, open door strikes or electromagnetic locks or to activate duress alarms.


Remote Control

Use the Comfort Remote Control or a Universal Remote Control like the Philips Pronto to control any appliances lighting, or arm and disarm the security system. The keypad and Scene Control Switch have built-in infrared receivers which can receive the IR signals.

Internet Access

Access your home from the home network or the Internet from any computer in the world. Click on icons for lighting, security, air-conditioning, heating. Arm and disarm your system, and monitor the windows, doors and motion detectors in the home. See what is happening in the home through one or more cameras. With Comfort Web Server, you do not need a fixed IP address. Internet access can be via a stand-alone external modem, or a router for Broadband. The Comfort Webserver is NOT based on a PC - it is a hardware module which contains the web pages which can be accessed from any browser.

Touch Screen

The Companion or Clipsal's C-Touch touch screen works just like a keypad for Comfort. You can disarm the security system by PIN code, monitor zones in real time, as well as the alarm state, low battery and tamper. You can change Comfort's time and date on the touch screen. Icons can be placed on the screen to control any Comfort-linked appliance.


Scene Control

These designer Scene Control Switches can be placed in some or all rooms to set any scene or control any appliance or group of appliances, to open the door or gate, and even to arm the security system. Each button has a built-in indicator light which can show the status of the appliance being controlled. An optional built-in infrared receiver can be used with handheld remote controls like the Philips Pronto to activate up to 128 commands. Scene switches are available in a variety of styles and colours to match any décor. Up to 8 Scene switches can be installed in the premises for maximum convenience.Scene ctrl switch 1.tif

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Ethernet: Allows Comfort to be connected to a computer to upload or download programming or view and control current status.
GSM: Provides a backup in case of telephone line cut allowing both dial-out as well as dial-in. Also provides SMS notification of events and alarms. SMS commands can also be sent to the controller.
RS232 Serial: Interface PC to Comfort and vice versa or to communicate with other products. Enables copying of non volatile memory without need for programming as well as to learn IR signals.
Ulti: Allows the Comfort system to send wireless commands to the Clipsal Ulti range of wireless products.
Inputs/Outputs: The standard controller provides 8 inputs and 8 outputs expandable up to 64 each. Outputs can be used to send a pulse, IR signals, or set to a certain state to control relays.
Infrared: Infrared Signals can be transmitted from any Comfort Output (up to 128 outputs). The IR code can be downloaded from hundreds of codes stored in Comfort's IR library. Infrared signals can switch on and off, control temperature, volume, channels, and other settings available on the handheld remote control.
Software: Using a universal communications module, comfort can be fine tuned and programmed using a PC with the Comfigurator application. WizComfort is another application that replicates the keypad allowing control over the system, monitoring statuses, and reviewing logs