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the Cytech Comfort System in South Africa




Alarm Tracking

Comfort calls a mobile phone and provides real time alarm tracking, announcing where the intruder is as they move through the house. You can also listen to what is happening in the house through any of the keypads with built in microphone and speaker, to determine if there is actually a break-in

One Touch Arming

The security system can be armed to Away Mode (nobody at home), Night Mode (everyone sleeping), Day Mode (at home but moving awake) and Vacation Mode (away for holiday) by just one touch of a button. Up to 16 user codes can be assigned to operate the system.

Alarm Dial-Out

Comfort can call up to 8 mobile phones, pagers or central monitoring stations in the event of an alarm to tell you what is happening and in which zone. Besides alarm situations, Comfort can also call to inform you that your child has returned home from school, or there is a power failure or new voice message for you. With the GSM module Comfort dials using the cellular network, and can send and receive text messages by SMS.

Integration is Key

The benefits of a truly automated home are that the Home control, voicemail and security system work together to provide convenience, comfort and security for the whole family. Specific lights can be turned on when there is an alarm, or when someone steps into the kitchen at night or when someone returns home at night. When everyone goes out, all the lighting, heating or cooling can be turned off automatically.

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Telephone Control. Call home from any telephone in the world to control home appliances and security system. Comfort's Voice Menu system guides the user to perform any operation, to control lighting, heating, air-conditioning, or to arm or disarm the security system, record or listen to messages. Up to 60 appliances can be controlled with the Voice menu with 10 operations in each menu, eg on, off, dim, bright, up, down etc. You can hear the actual status of the device, whether it is on or off..
Remote. Dial in to activate the alarm, change modes or listen in to the house.
Vacation Mode. Activates lights in to give a lived-in look, with slightly random on and duration time adjustments so regular patterns cant be picked up. Switch-off geysers automatically to save energy.
Day Mode. Keep certain areas secured during the day such as safes, tool rooms, or garages. Perfect for when builders or garden services are on the property.
Voice Announcements. By having the perimeter of your property constantly monitored, you will be alerted to any movement long before it becomes a threat. Multiple zone alert activations prevent false alarms.
SMS Control. Send an SMS to arm or disarm or control lighting, irrigation or gate access via the GSM Module.